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Twominds Festival

Emblems Hood

Emblems Hood

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Our range of warm and cozy hoods crafted for the cool evenings. Comes in 3 different colours:

Chestnut Hoodie: Our Chestnut Hoodie is a deep brown, soft cotton blend with a minimalist design. The front features a unique white geometric print. The 'icons' of which a keen eye would notice represent different aspects of the festival. Printed on a Mens AS Colour Relax Hood. 

Sand Hoodie: Lightweight and comfortable, the Sand Hoodie comes in a subtle light brown, ideal for day wear and are perfect for festival-goers looking to stay stylish and cozy. Printed on a Womens AS Colour Relax Hood (wearable as unisex, hood is slightly cropped at the waist)

Hot Pink Hoodie: We couldn't go without a bright and loud option. Barbie eat your heart out! Printed on Gildan Hood. 

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