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Eight Thousand Or So... Vol. 1

Eight Thousand Or So... Vol. 1

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Dear friends, family, strangers,

a few months back during lockdown I had a lot of time to reflect over the past year, got quite emotional and created a 28 page zine where I acknowledge some key people and experiences.

it’s titled Eight Thousand Or So as when I started it I tried to guess how many hours we’re in a year and theres 8,740… and I really didn’t want to round up haha

anyway, I feel a lot better now and looking back on this theres a few mountains that are the size of pebbles and I think this helped me get over a few things… if ya feel like you need more insight to my brain, heres a few pages to demonstrate haha

special shoutout to all the pals who collaborated, have passed me images over the years who have had to deal with the stupid ways I do things

with love,
~ Ben Morgan <3

also many additional thanks to;
Abby Maybury | Ed (boy) Williamson | Deanna Walker | Kenzie Pigman | Matt Ford | Sarah Willis | Ethan Murray | Cam Hay

Eight Thousand Or So... Vol. 1 by Ben Morgan

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